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About the new image collection


As with the original collection, the quality varies, with lower-quality images being included where they provide more complete coverage.

The images in this collection may be downloaded for private, non-profit educational use provided that copyright is acknowedged and explicit reference is made to this site (, with a link in the case of electronic media.

Higher resolution versions of the images, suitable for use in publications, are This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Coming on-line in due course:

Giza and other sites featured in the UNESCO–IAU Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy.

Temple sites of Kahikinui, Maui

Many more Iberian megaliths

Nazca geoglyphs

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Image collection

Since 1995 I have maintained an on-line collection of photographs of archaeological and archaeoastronomical interest. It is intended primarily as a research and reference tool, to be used in conjunction with other information about the sites in question and issues related to their interpretation available in books such as Astronomy in Prehistoric Britain and Ireland. Picture quality is variable but the collection does contain many pictures suitable for re-use in publications.

Leicester University Archive


The original collection of c. 1100 images can still be accessed as an archive held on the Leicester University website.

New developments

Over the last few years I have accumulated several thousand more images of sites both in Europe and in many other parts of the world. While compiling the new image collection for reference and archival purposes, as well as to support research publications, I am (very) gradually making low-resolution versions available on this site.


The first sets of images being made available support Case Studies on the UNESCO–IAU Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy. They include Chankillo in Peru, 23 seven-stone antas in Portugal and Spain and the Stonehenge area in the United Kingdom.



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… is the study of beliefs and practices relating to the sky in the past, especially in prehistory, and the uses to which people's know- ledge of the skies was put.


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